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Family Hiking Tours

Spending a nice time in the mountains with the family – that's possible in Kühtai. Our beautiful hiking trails are varied and also a great fun for the children. While you are exploring the beautiful nature, there are highlights on the way or at the destination that especially inspire the little ones. Flowing, clear water to play with, horses/cows and beautiful forests where the imagination of a child knows no bounds.

Here are some examples of our family hiking tours in Kühtai

Three Lakes Circuit

The DreiSeenBahn cable car quickly takes you up to 2,410 m. From there, past
the Upper Plenderlessee, you can reach the DreiSeen-Hütte at 2,311 m on
foot in just 8 minutes, with a sun terrace located right by the *Lower
Plenderlessee*. You then go back down via the middle of the Plenderlessee, on to the Hirschebensee (2,164 m), and back past the Kühtai high-altitude performance centre to the valey station.

Ascent 40 m / descent 470 m / 5.6 km / 2 h

Circular hiking trail Längental Reservoir

Slow-paced family hike around the* Längental reservoir* (unfortunately, due to
the power plant construction site, this trail is not currently accessible
throughout to people with disabilities). You can park at the free car park right
by the reservoir.

Ascent 38 m, 2.4 km, 45 min

Variant: Start at the Kühtai Tourism Office (Tourismusbüro), head to the
reservoir via the Kühtai village walk, walk around the reservoir, head back via
the village walk.

High-altitude panorama trail to the Finstertal Reservoir

Go up with the DreiSeenBahn, alight by the Upper Plenderlessee, and you’ll
reach the DreiSeen-Hütte at 2,311 m, which has a terrace and is located right
by the Lower Plenderlessee, in just 8 minutes. Then head along the high-altitude panorama trail to the Finstertal reservoir.
Tip: Visit the Energy Showroom. Return to the DreiSeenBahn valey station either via the marked and signposted trail or via the asphalted path to Kühtai.

Ascent 60 m / descent 490 m / 4,4 km / 1 h 40 min

Kühtaier Village Walk

This trail takes family hikers around the Kühtai. You can see the place from different perspectives and avoid the street almost entirely. On the way you have the opportunity to rest at some huts or inns before continuing the journey.

Start at the HochAlterBahn valey station, which has free parking, or right next to the Gasthof Sonne & Schnee, located at 2,020 m and with a terrace, go up to the StartBahn mountain station, alighting at Dorfstadl, located at 2,000 m and with a sun terrace, head behind the Dorfstadl and go down to the street, walk on the pavement to the Jagdschloss. From there, go a little way to the Kaiser-Bahn valey station, further on to the Dortmunder Hütte at 1,949 m, which also has a terrace, cross over the road, on the way to Kühtai’s high-altitude performance centre, then go up slightly towards Kühtai and go behind the church again towards the HochAlterBahn valey station.

Ascent 140 m/ descent 140 m, 4.4 km, 1 ½ h