Are you ready for summer?

The summer operation of the DreiSeenBahn starts on
Saturday, June 22, 24! And on the first day with one
Top event – the XLETIX Challenge Tirol!


Silzer Energy Trail

Informative, varied hiking route with information points and viewing platforms provide interesting facts about water and energy with a quiz. By the DreiSeenBahn at 2,410 m, over the DreiSeen-Hütte to the Finstertal reservoir, over the dam, up to Die Mute mountain, then to the lookout point overlooking the construction site of the Kühtai reservoir.
Go back down to the DreiSeenBahn valey station.

Ascent 90 m / descent 520 m / 4,7 km / 1 ½ h

The Miner´s Trail

Kühtai – Ochsengarten – Hochoetz

The Miner‘s Trail takes hikers into a landscape that could not be more
primal. Swiss stone pine forests between steeply rising mountains alternate
with rare, high alpine plants. In summer, sheep inhabit the lonely area. It
was not always like this. 350 years ago mine workers faced harsh
conditions in this high altitude. At 2,500 m above sea level, Up to 450
miners were searching for copper, galenite and pyrite in this remote area.
Discover more about this unique landscape, the mysterious Puchersee and
the people who have tried to cultivate this region since centuries.

More Information

Sperrenhaus on the Finstertaler lake

Gain an interesting insight into energy generation from hydropower. The so-called “Sperrenhaus” at the Finstertal reservoir – approx. 50 m above the dam wall and easily accessible on foot – is open to the public daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for all interested hiking guests. In a bright showroom and a separate film screening room, every visitor gets an informative insight into energy generation from hydropower or about the construction of the entire Sellrain-Silz power plant.

Easy tours

  • Kaiser-Maximilian-Hütte (2,250 m / 1 ½ hours)
  • DreiSeen-Hütte (2,310 m / 2 ¼ hours)
  • Finstertaler Reservoir (2,325 m / 3 hours)
  • Marlstein / Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Weg (1,730 m / 3 ½ hours)
  • Längental (2,300 m / 4 hours)
  • Längental reservoir (1,904 m / 2 hours)