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The summer operation of the DreiSeenBahn starts on
Saturday, June 22, 24! And on the first day with one
Top event – the XLETIX Challenge Tirol!


Cycling Marathon Bergkaiser Kematen/ Kühtai

Saturday, 10.8.2024

The Bergkaiser organized by the Tirol cycling club takes participants from Kematen to Kühtai on August 10, 2024. The starting point for all cycling enthusiasts is at 9:30 a.m. at the Ruetz bakery in Kematen. The short but very demanding mountain race from Kematen to Kühtai at 2020 m above sea level demands a lot from the athletes. It's only 25 km but you have to overcome the 1,400 meters in altitude. Every athlete is rewarded with a breathtaking mountain backdrop and an award ceremony at 2020 m above sea level.


  • Kematen
  • Sellrain
  • Gries in Sellrain
  • St. Sigmund
  • Haggen
  • Kühtai


More information to the event and registration