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Holiday in Kühtai - for health reasons!

It is scientifically proven that the human body is much better supplied at altitudes to 2,000 m of its parts with oxygen and the production of red blood cells stimulates the further down the valley.

So anyone who wants to do something good, you should treat yourself summer in the Alps – the “little red” will be more than impressed by the “freshness effect” of the alpine stimulating climate. A visit to Kühtai is not only worthwhile because of the breathtaking mountain scenery – it is also a real fountain of health.

A high Alpine holiday in Kühtai can bring relief, in fact, for a whole range of diseases. After investigations of Univ.-professors Dr. Max Josef Halhuber and Dr. Karl Inama a mountain resort as Kühtai (2,020 meters above sea level) is recommended for the following ailments:

Especially for people with allergies

By shifting flowering periods, Kühtai especially recommended for people with allergies, which can avoid the sensitive pollen season there. At the Institute of Botany, University of Innsbruck (Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Sigmar Bortenschlager) was found that the pollen to even a tenth of that is only one-fifth in valleys. Kühtai is therefore, according to experts “… for allergens ideal!”
Allergy who's good in Kühtai. But not only: A good physical shape and find relaxation can generally also treading water / Kneipp and the personal fitness program. Who at that appreciates a good and healthy cuisine, this is the place in Kühtai anyway. Here you can wind down and breathe, relax completely and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.