Are you ready for summer?

The summer operation of the DreiSeenBahn starts on
Saturday, June 22, 24! And on the first day with one
Top event – the XLETIX Challenge Tirol!


Climbing in Kühtai

Even sophisticated ways and walkways has to offer Kühtai. Mountain experience or the commission accompanied with a trained alpine teachers are recommended.

A moderate to difficult via ferrata for mountaineers with via ferrata experience or guided by a mountain guide.

The climb, which has been made with great effort, allows you to walk on rock faces and ridges that have a high level of difficulty without fixed ropes and braces and are thus usually reserved for the extreme climber or climber only.

Sure – footedness, no fear of heights and a via ferrata equipment are prerequisites.

Equipment can be rented at the DreiSeen railway valley station.

DreiSeenBahn mountain station (2,410 m), then marked path, about 20 minutes, to the entrance.

Marked path from the Pockkogel (2,807 m) via the Finstertaler reservoir to the DreiSeen hut.

4 hours

550 meters steel rope, 150