We wanna thank YOU!

Thank you for a great winter, thank you for your numerous visits and also thank you to our employees for their commitment!

The summer operation of the DreiSeenBahn starts on
Saturday, June 22, 24! And on the first day with one
Top event – the XLETIX Challenge Tirol!



Saturday, 22.6.2024

Together we are stronger!

Are you ready to go beyond your limits together with your team? Start together in 2024 with the XLETIX Challenge and prove your endurance, courage, strength and of course team spirit.

Last year, 40,000 participants took up the challenge of this extreme obstacle course, based on the motto of the XLETIX Challenge: "One team, one goal!".

Closely connected to nature, you have to overcome cool obstacles together, but also an extremely demanding route. The view leaves nothing to be desired and provides spectacular panoramas at 2020 meters above sea level.

Be there too!!!!