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Experience Reservoirs in Kühtai

Top excursion destinations - the Kühtai reservoirs

Visiting the reservoirs in Kühtai is a special experience. It is fascinating to explore the huge dams and these large lakes with their turquoise shimmering waters. This is why the reservoirs have become really popular destinations. The Sellrain-Silz hydropower plant produces 100% clean electricity, covering about 13% of the total Tyrolean electricity demand.

Finstertal reservoir

This highest reservoir in Kühtai is at 2,325 m, the rockfill dam is 149 m high
and 650 m wide, and has a capacity of 60 million m³ of water. You can reach
this dam either by using the DreiSeenBahn and further on the high-altitude
panorama trail, with a stop at the DreiSeen-Hütte, or you can climb straight up
from Kühtai.

Längental reservoir

The reservoir, with its 45 m high dam, is located at 1,901 m. The starting point
for the family-friendly circular hiking trail around the reservoir is the car park
right by the reservoir. Due to a few steps at the power plant, the path is unfortunately not suitable for people with disabilities.

Kühtai reservoir (under construction)

The dam, which is located at 2,140 m, is scheduled to start operation in 2027,
has a 113 m high and 510 m wide dam wall and a capacity of 31 million m³. It
is located in the Längental valley, above the existing Längental reservoir.

Energy Showroom

In the showroom at the Finstertal reservoir, visitors can learn more about the
dam’s construction and technology, the pump storage system and the Sellrain-
Silz power plant group. Gain an interesting insight into the power generation
from hydropower, open from the beginning of July to end of September, daily
from 09:00 am to 5:00 pm