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Express in the snow!

Whether by car, train or air ...

Hop on and arrive – Kühtai is the quickest area to reach outside Innsbruck. Only 30 kilometres from Tyrol’s state capital, you arrive in the shortest possible time to the pleasures of the snow, either from the airport, the main train station or by taxi, with a bus or a hotel shuttle – or, of course, with your own car via the motorway or on toll-free national roads. It is especially convenient to come via Snow Express, the fast Intercity train connection or on one of the flights which offer astonishingly inexpensive tickets for Innsbruck. Grant yourself long, drawn-out holiday pleasures, thanks to the quick arrival times.

Service bus

Line 4166: Innsbruck – Völs – Kematen – Sellrain – Gries – Kühtai
(valid from December 01st, 23 to April 14th, 24)

Line 4196: Imst – Ötztal-Bf. – Haiming – Silz – Mötz – Oetz – Kühtai
(valid from December 01st, 23 to April 13th, 24)

Line 323T Regiotax: Silz/Haiming – Haiminger Berg – Sattele – Ochsengarten
(valid from December 17th, 23 to April 13th, 24)

Skibus Kühtai-Hochoetz
(valit from December 08th, 2023 to April 13th, .2024)

Route planner from the Tyrol Transport Association

Car or bus

Munich – Kufstein Highway:
Head towards Innsbruck, pass Innsbruck towards Arlberg. After Innsbruck, take the Kematen-Sellrain exit. From there, it’s 25km (approx. 30 min.) to the Kühtai.

HighwayUlm – Kempten:
Füssen – Fernpass – Imst – then Inntal autobahn –Ötztal exit. From the exit, it’s another 25 km (approx. 30 min.) to the Kühtai.

From Switzerland:
Through the Arlberg tunnel or toll-free via the Arlberg. Either via the toll motorway, exit Ötztal. Or on the road Imst-Ötztal – Oetz – Kühtai

Munich – Garmisch Highway:
then national highway, direction Seefeld – Zirl – Sellrain/Kühtai. From Zirl, it’s 25 km (approx. 30 min.) to the Kühtai.

HighwayUlm – Kempten:
national highway Füssen – Fernpass – Imst – Ötztal – Oetz – Kühtai. From Oetz, it’s another 17 km (approx. 20 min.) to the Kühtai.

TIPP: Drive towards Kühtai not the Haimingerberg (as suggested by some route planners) but about Ötztal – Oetz.

ÖAMTC-Road traffic situation
Before setting off please find out about the current road traffic situation in Tirol, so that you arrive safely in Kühtai. Please also note that a motorway toll sticker is required for travel on Austrian motorways. We recommend the ÖAMTC road traffic situation.


Train ride to Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof or Ötztal station, continue to Kühtai either by bus or by taxi Kühtai. The Snow Express, the rapid IC train departs Hamburg to Dortmund
and Düsseldorf to Innsbruck (and back).

Snow Express
ÖBB timetable


Be quickly and comfortably in your holiday destination – from many European cities numerous airlines fly directly to Innsbruck several times a week.

Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hanover, Frankfurt
Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Eindhoven
London, Bristol, Liverpool
Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg

You can continue your travel to Kühtai by bus, Kühtai Taxi or a Taxi provided by your hotel.

Current information about airlines and flight schedules

Shuttle service

Shuttle service from the airports Innsbruck, Munich, Salzburg and the places Gries, Seefeld, Innsbruck and Ötz Ötztal.

Taxi Kühtai: +43 664 / 1166 671
Tel. +43 5239 / 5231
Fax. +43 5239 / 5371