Are you ready for summer?

The summer operation of the DreiSeenBahn starts on
Saturday, June 22, 24! And on the first day with one
Top event – the XLETIX Challenge Tirol!


Dortmunder Hütte

Dortmunder Hütte
Pächterin: Monika Fiegl-Tabernig
6183 Kühtai
Tel.: +43 5239 5202
Mobil.: +43 664 3935878
Fax: +43 / 52 39 / 21 61 9


The traditional Alpine Club refuge on the western edge of Kühtai. It has been a popular meeting place for winter sports lovers and nature lovers for many years. You have the choice between double and multi-bed rooms, or a mattress room. All rooms have hot and cold water and central heating. Showers on the floor. We make a special effort to spoil our half-board guests good meals, traditional dishes. We look forward to your visit.