Thank you!

We say thank you to our guests and friends of Kühtai for the visit – it was a great season with you!
The summer season starts on Friday, 23.6.2023 (until Sunday, September 17.9.2023).
And the winter begins again on Friday 1.12.2023 (until Sunday 14.4.2024)


Igloo building in the old tradition

With hands, shovel, saw as a tool and snow as a building material you create your own igloo. It will be built within the team and by the ancient art of Inuit.


  • Hot tea on arrival and during the workshop
  • Introduction and supervision by professional Iglubaumeister
  • Provide tools
  • On request with break for lunch
  • Start 10:00 clock, duration approx 3hrs
  • Registration & further information: info@iglu-dorf.com
  • Minimum number of participants 4