Are the rhododendrons already blooming?

That is the standard question of a connoisseur when summer approaches. Kühtai is surrounded by a botanical garden at over 2,000 meters. From late June to late July takes the heyday of this alpine flower, also called Almrausch that then the mountain slopes covers with its red splendor. The true ideal with the hiking season in Kühtai. Numerous hiking trails close past the colorful alpine flowers that not only the eye delight – Alpenrose fragrance is in the already spicy mountain air!

Along the dotted with pink and rust-red flowers hanging you can cozy short walks and longer 1- search to 3-hour tours: height panoramic walks, hiking to Finstertal reservoir, the Three Lakes Hut and the Plenderle lakes, the deer Bensee or Längentaler reservoir with subsequent visit to the storage power station …

An unforgettable experience!

Alpenrose (Rhododendron ferrugineum)
The rust-red or alpenrose belongs to the family of the heather family (Ericaceae). It occurs in the Alps not anywhere if, then usually. In large herds together with the stone pine, the blue or blueberry and the cranberry at altitudes 1400-2400 m The term “rust” refers to the bottom of the leathery leaves.

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