Hiking Trails

Our hiking trails through untouched nature, past lakes, into in's Tyrolean mountain kingdom. And combine pastures and huts, where it can rest comfortably.


The DreiSeenBahn takes you up to 2,420 metres. From the mountain station you walk past the Oberer Plenderlessee and reach the DreiSeen-Hütte, which is located directly on the Unterer Plenderlessee, within 8 minutes walking distance. Within further 20 minutes walking distance you can hike over the Höhen-Panorama trail and reach the Finstertaler reservoir or even try a climbing tour over the Pockkogel on the via ferrata. The descent takes 90 minutes via the Mittlerer Plenderlessee and on to the Hirschebensee to Kühtai. Alternatively, you can also hike from the DreiSeen-Hütte to Kühtai via the toboggan run, a path suitable for prams.

The Miner´s Trail

The Miner´s Trail takes hikers into a beautiful untouched landscape: Stone pine forests between towering mountains alternate with rare, high-alpine plants. In summer, sheep inhabit the lonely area.

Learn more about the 8 different routes for walkers and passionate hikers from 2 to 6 hours walking, all leading to the Miner´s Trail. Even children are likely to have no problem with the shorter distances.

More information

The "Sellraintaler Höhenwanderweg"

The “Sellraintaler Höhenwanderweg” is a continuous hiking trail at an altitude of about 2,000 m from St. Sigmund to Oberperfuss. In a promising altitude, the 15-kilometer-long mountain trail leads along the 2,000 m line through the pastures of the Haggener and the Peider Sonnberg, then through the mountain flanks of the Koflerspitzen and the Weißstein to below the Rosskogel. The walking time for endurance long-distance hikers is between six and seven hours for the entire route. The trail does not have to be traversed in a single train, there are descent possibilities in Gries im Sellrain and Sellrain.

The brochure The Sellraintaler Höhenwanderweg is available free of charge in the tourist offices!

Zirmbachalm – Sonnbergalm – Peider Sonnberg – Kögele -
Option 1: Kögele – Ochsenstein – St. Quirin – Sellrain
Option 2: Kögele – Krimpenbachalm – Krimpenbachsattel – Rosskogelhütte – inn Stiglreith

Altitude difference: 1,032 m / 6–8 hours

Sperrenhaus on the Finstertaler lake

From now on, the so-called “Sperrenhaus” at the Finstertaler reservoir is open to the public. The Sperrenhaus is located about 50 m above the dam and is wonderful within walking distance. The right-hand part of the Sperrenhaus is now open to the public every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, with a bright showroom and its own video screening room giving every visitor an informative insight into the generation of energy from hydropower and the construction of the entire power plant Sellrain-Silz.

Easy tours

  • Kaiser-Maximilian-Hütte (2,250 m / 1 ½ hours)
  • DreiSeen-Hütte (2,310 m / 2 ¼ hours)
  • Finstertaler Reservoir (2,325 m / 3 hours)
  • Marlstein / Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Weg (1,730 m / 3 ½ hours)

Information about the hikes in the Längenental and Längental resevoir:
Due to a construction site at the power plant, a part of the Längental reservoir loop is BLOCKED.
The Längental, also the way coming from the Niedeichscharte, is currently BLOCKED.

  • Längental (2,300 m / 4 hours) – currently blocked
  • Längental reservoir (1,904 m / 2 hours)

Medium tours

  • Kreuzjoch (2,563 m / 3 ½ hours)
  • Flaurlinger Scharte (2,400 m / 4 hours from/to Zirmbachalm)
  • Pforzheimer hut (2,310 m / 4 ½ hours from/to St. Sigmund)
  • Mittertal (2,450 m / 5 hours)
  • Kraspessee (2,545 m / 5 hours from/to Haggen)
  • Faltegartenköpfl (2,184 m / 5¼ hours)

Summit tours

  • Neunerkogel (2,642 m / 4 hours)
  • Gaißkogel (2,820 m / 4 ½ hours)
  • Pirchkogel (2,828 m / 4 hours)
  • Wetterkreuz (2,578 m / 4 ½ hours from/to Issbrücke)
  • Mutenkogel (2,420 m / 4 hours from/to St. Sigmund)
  • Pockkogel (2,807 m / 5 hours)
  • Rietzer Grieskogel (2,889 m / 5 ½ hours)
  • Seejoch (2,808 m / 6 hours from/to Zirmbachalm)
  • Kraspesspitze (2,954 m / 6 ½ hours)
  • Sulzkogel (3,016 m / 7 hours)
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